Email Marketing Campaign Management

Email Campaign Execution

JOV sets the standard for email campaign planning and implementation services beginning with a needs assessment and then defining campaign goals, audience segmentation, creative development options, delivered testing, success of transmission reports, on demand analytics, and optimization for ongoing campaign targeting.

Email Demanding Deliverability

Our specially designed email transmissions and server development, combined with software, is the benchmark for email integrity and email deliverability so that emails avoid the SPAM folder and become visible to your customer. Our wholesale platform, whitelisting, seasoned experts, and IP configuration capabilities combine to maximize email deliverability to your market.

Email Design & Creatives

You have seasoned creative experts to work for you to grab a customer’s attention. We combine first-class, best in creative practices with your brand recognition in mind to create product and service awareness that ultimately means conversions. Your creative designs or ours are based on your company goals and objectives and customized to fit your business, culture, and brand.

Email Planning and Analytics

Use our decades of experience in email-marketing & our strategists to create a targeted email campaign that engages your customers and reaches your marketing goals.

Email Tracking & Reporting

Track everything from email opens to link clicks to ROI and conversions. Email tracking reports provide all the valuable data and insights that you need to run a successful email campaign. You need to know what works and what does not.